Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Not So Long Trip

Well, I made it to CnC today around 1 and had my heart set on having a fun day, however, after an hour or so, my card was swiped by some noob at the DDR Machine. It made me reflect back on the old days when people didn't swipe cards if the other person went to go get a drink, they respectfully waited out their turn in the "coin line." Or maybe I'm just crazy @.@?

I at least got a game of Capcom vs. SNK 2 out of my trip before I was blindly robbed. Cammy, Ken, and Ryu were the characters for me, Ken being my Ratio 2 wall, Ryu filler, and Cammy the deadly assassin. The only person that made it to Cammy was Geese, and given that the Arcade settings are a little less than what I am used to, Geese still managed to give me trouble, however was soundly defeated with Cammy. Getting to the Finals and defeating a R2 Rock/Athena was a breeze and, as my reward, I was able to fight Shin Akuma. Now him being a powerhouse, with some good moves was kinda eating at me, but I have studied his AI pattern brilliantly, and have spent many hours with him in the Training room, so he was cake to me, and believe me, I love my cake. Upon defeating Shin Akuma, I was rewarded with the Game Over Screen and a bottle of water, as my heart was still racing from a nice session of DDR.

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